Hourly Spaces is like Airbnb by the hour

This could be good for napping. “There have been times that I lived a ways from my job and had run myself short on sleep. A nap on my lunch hour or in the break during a split shift would have been a lifesaver. But to go all the way home and back would have burned all of the time that could have been for napping. I actually rented a cheap motel room not far from my job for this purpose a couple of times. I had to pay for a whole night even though I just needed it briefly. And the room was less beautifully appointed and safe and such as the ones on this service might be for the same price.” Said one client that is happy to know that HourlySpaces now exists!

“I wonder if it also allows for showering. I’ve totally had times where I’d pay that kind of price to be able to take a shower in the middle of the work day. Times when I’d had a messy day at work or was worried that my deodorant wasn’t up to the task, etc. But driving home wouldn’t leave me enough time. But if I could just duck in and shower and get back on it, my whole day would be so much more pleasant.” Asked someone in the room and the answer was yes! Yayy!