Why Freelancers Love Hourly Office Rentals & How This NYC Startup Is Helping Freelancers Secure Their Dream Office For Next To Nothing

Hourly Spaces is a fast-growing business that offers hourly rental options for office spaces, conference rooms, event spaces throughout major cities. The company is the first to provide “all B2B & Peer to Peer hourly space rentals under one roof”

Why pay for a day when you can pay for an hour! www.HourlySpaces.com offers short term rental options for any Real Estate throughout major cities like Washington DC, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago.

www.HourlySpaces.com is a real estate tech company which boasts solid presence domestically and overseas. Many of their users are business travelers primarily from the larger cities. It is the largest “On Demand Hourly Space Rentals” provider in the travel and business lodging industry. The rapidly growing company is a leader in the short-term rental industry and provides consumers with the most extensive selection of state of the art hourly rentals around the world.

www.HourlySpaces.com caters to consumers looking for more than a mere listing of offices and rooms rented by the hour. The company plans to list everything from apartments and vacant real estate to wedding venues and theaters. The company has several listings available in many major cities such as Washington DC, New York, NY, Portland, Chicago, San Francisco, Paris, Rome, Canada, etc with tens of thousands of visitors from more than 100 countries.

When asked further, “The concept behind www.HourlySpaces.com is to provide consumers with an easy, affordable way to rent space without having to pay for an entire day, month, or getting locked into yearly leases for spaces.” The company’s motto: “Why pay for a day when you can pay for an hour,” was derived from the founder. Booking a hotel for a day when you only need it for a few hours is troublesome – and expensive. “Between looking for hotels, calling them and finalizing a room, an hour had passed, and we still ended up paying for the whole day because that’s just how hotels work. We felt robbed,” Joe states while reminiscing about a time when his family visited him in New York City. “Another day I found myself wanting to take a quick nap during my lunch break because I had a headache but nowhere to go. Multiple instances like this helped us to conceptualize and create www.HourlySpaces.com,” he added.

Unlike other websites that single out only business professionals seeking to rent hourly office space, HourlySpaces aims to target everyone, travelers, businesses and even students for their study rooms. Business professionals can easily search for an hourly conference room, meeting spaces, or virtual office to rent for a few hours and vacationers can locate thousands of affordable properties to rent by the hour, day, or week. HourlySpaces offers many hourly rental options for office spaces, conference rooms, virtual office, event spaces, and meeting spaces throughout major cities like Washington DC and New York while also having short-term room rentals within apartment and hotel options. Many of the listings currently on the site offer rates as low as $10 per hour.

In a world where virtual office owners and the freelance economy is booming, and reports that of over 40-percent of the United States workforce is made up of virtual workers, the idea of ‘hourly spaces on demand’ is an innovative concept. For example hourly office spaces, hourly conference rooms, meeting spaces or even event spaces in major cities like Washington DC, New York, Boston, San Francisco, London, Paris offer entrepreneurs the possibility of having a prestigious address and a location that offers affordable hourly solution without having to sign yearly leases at overpriced rates. Joe states that the company is currently in negotiations with several branded hotels to make their spaces available to customers for an hourly room rental.

However, that is not all that Hourly Spaces has to offer. In addition to the ability to search and book short-term rentals, apartments, and offices, the consumers can also list their own spaces to earn a side income. On average, people who list their property on the website earn an extra $1,000 per week. Hosts have the ability to set their own rates based off of location, condition, peak travel seasons, and many other factors.