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Short Term Rental

Short term rental is the way to go

Works for all

Short term rentals are a great way to save money in today’s global economy. New methods of extra income are growing increasingly high due to the popularity of sharing economy and the high penetration of internet to the farthest corners of the world. Short term rental is a way you can rent out a portion of your office or residence, as well as other properties that you own but are not using, in order to earn some extra cash. Same applies to short term business space rentals. Nowadays, lots of travelers are young adventure enthusiasts trying to experience cultures, rather than those with deep budgets going on vacations. Therefore, if you can provide a decent space and maybe throw in some food and beverage while spending quality time with the traveler, the chances of making more money increase even if you only rent it out during the holiday season.


As in any income system, short term rental of your free space comes with many benefits. Some of these include making extra income and meeting new people. If you keep the obvious benefit of money aside, the people who seek experiences such as local short term rentals, more often than not tend to be extremely interesting people with many stories to offer about their experiences and culture. These travelers love sharing their experiences, and you will be able to learn and enjoy many things about their life by interacting with them. If you are friendly with them and enthusiastic about their stories, you increase your changes of recieving a high approval rating.


One of the biggest concerns with regard to renting out your space to a stranger would be safety. Issues with the physical property and payment are avoided with our background checks, allowing us to learn more about the guest before you accept their request. Rather than corresponding merely through emails, we talk to them via phone call, that way we have an increased chance of knowing what kind of a person they are. We have a set of rules regarding safety in our listings. All reservations are also backed by a 1 million dollar insurance, which means if anything happens with the reservation on either side, you will have nothing to worry about.