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Hourly Meeting Space

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The Need

Bring a touch of sophistication to your small business with a rented meeting space. Let it be a meeting with your employees, board of directors, managers or with your important clients, meetings are extremely important despite the size of your company. Corporate giants usually have more than one meeting space in their office premises dedicated purely for this purpose. However, if you are a small business running in a not so sophisticated office, or a big company with small regional branches without a proper place for meetings, you can rent a temporary meeting space for your important meetings.

Makes Sense

First of all, the commercial provider of a meeting space has already designed their space tastefully and professionally, therefore you do not have to go through the trouble of spending a large amount of money for designing a space of your own. Especially if you are a small business or don't need to have frequent meetings, it doesn't always make sense to have your own meeting rooms. Renting other's spaces gives you the flexibility to just host a meeting and leave.

Meetings allow you to exchange ideas with each other in a clearer and more detailed way since you are physically present with the person who you are communicating with. If you are used to mostly communicating in virtual ways such as emails and other tech related ways, it has been proven that proper meetings where you actually meet the person are more effective. This is mainly due to the limitations in ways of tech assisted communication that does not allow you to recognize body language. Clear differences in tone when you present a certain idea gives you more insight into the person you are having a meeting with, rather than just hearing the opinions in the form of an email or an audio call.


Currently meeting spaces are not the traditional conference-like rooms that they used to be. The providers of temporary meeting spaces offer the options of casual meeting spaces that give the feel of a coffee lounge while actually including coffee in their serve, allowing you to have a relaxed and casual meeting with your colleagues or clients. Secondly, they offer the option of a fully equipped professional meeting space, which is equipped with video conferencing devices if you want to include members at a separate location in the meeting.

Finally, with the use of rented meeting spaces, you can save money irrespective of whether you are an entrepreneur, small business or a bigger company, you will also get a sophisticated space to make a good impression of your company without going through the trouble of owning a meeting space. You can enjoy a relaxing space that fits your specific needs while getting access to the tech assisted tools.