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Hourly Office Space

World class office spaces for rent by the hour

The Beginning

It is the era of startups, low budget small businesses and making things work even without great capital. Young entrepreneurs are growing more than ever in various fields around the world. In this environment where innovation is admired over how much money you initially make, you do not necessarily have to have a work space of your own in order to be deemed credible. While you and your team work in the comfort of your own homes through a well-connected virtual office system, you can always hire an hourly office space for your formal meetings, brainstorming sessions, client meetings or any other reason that you absolutely require a proper office space. You can rent them hourly, daily, weekly or monthly and a space that fits your needs.


In most cases, many large office spaces are not filled entirely and are grabbed by startups and entrepreneurs for discounted prices which also gives an added benefit of networking with like-minded people. The community that is formed through a shared office space often ends up collaborating and helping each other reach their targets faster and easier. With the breadth of the company that you rend the office space in, you can ask for a few choices in order to select the right space to meet the budget and all the other needs. Selecting the right temporary office space differs with the exact need you are going to use it for. For example, if you are planning to meet a client, you may meed a room with stylish décor in order to give out a sophisticated impression about your company, while if it is a weekly meet up with all your long distance employees, you may go for a casual space with lots of room.

What you get

Despite what kind of outlook you chose for the office space, there are a few essentials you need to be getting before you spend any money. Wifi is essential (of course!) and this is not only for your personal needs of the internet, but for tools that increase productivity such as video conferences and web telecasts. Most of the hourly office spaces are now designed in a way that is different from the traditional office appearance of a table and a few chairs along with a filing cabinet. You will be able to get a space with comfortable couches, modern furniture and even your very own receptionist and lounge area if you are willing to spend a little more.


Our lives continue to transition towards becoming virtually virtual, the need of a work place can occur, especially if you are doing the kind of business which requires you to meet with clients, suppliers and other business people regularly. In todays competition, you need a professional space as your business grows. This does not only create a good impression for your company to an outsider, but also helps you to focus more on your work. Short term rental for your meetings can save you lots of money, especially if you're an entrepreneur renting an hourly office space.