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What if I told you that you could rent a clean, private space that included a couch, a desk, free Wi-Fi, possibly a bed, and maybe a shower for $20 an hour? What is the first thing you’d think of using that space for? Sex.

The founders of HourlySpaces, a new app that connects city-dwellers in major cities across the US has made available spaces with the above amenities, believe their technology is being used by hip, urban, mobile-workforce folks who just need to “take refuge from the daily grind” and experience “the perfect time-out experience.” You know what I imagine many of their clients are really doing in those rooms? Not having sex.

The company wants to create a temporary home or office for you, you’re not supposed to be doing the one thing that many of us do in our homes, and quite a few of us do in our offices.

HourlySpaces’s prudish response may not seem like a big deal, but it’s actually endemic of the rampant sex-negativity of the VC-funded startup scene. Despite the fact that there is quite literally millions to be made on apps and websites that focus on sexuality, it’s very challenging for startups that contain “adult content” to find funding.

It’s always about the fear of what everyone else will think.” Silicon Valley boasts of being so cutting-edge, and yet when a company wants to talk about sex, the men who hold its purse strings are like eight-year-old boys running away with hands over their ears. As a result, even the blowjob-on-demand service Grindr has rules stating that nothing explicit can be included in profiles and refers to itself euphemistically as a “friend finder.”

Personally, I’m sick of it. I’m ready for Silicon Valley leaders to step up and be adults who acknowledge and celebrate sex as an awesome part of life. This puritanical prudishness is not only hurting us as a society but it’s also hurting these investors’ bottom lines. Seems to me that if apps like HourlySpaces and Grindr could be honest about what they exist for without fear of losing funding, we’d all be better off.

Hourly Spaces is like Airbnb by the hour

This could be good for napping. “There have been times that I lived a ways from my job and had run myself short on sleep. A nap on my lunch hour or in the break during a split shift would have been a lifesaver. But to go all the way home and back would have burned all of the time that could have been for napping. I actually rented a cheap motel room not far from my job for this purpose a couple of times. I had to pay for a whole night even though I just needed it briefly. And the room was less beautifully appointed and safe and such as the ones on this service might be for the same price.” Said one client that is happy to know that HourlySpaces now exists!

“I wonder if it also allows for showering. I’ve totally had times where I’d pay that kind of price to be able to take a shower in the middle of the work day. Times when I’d had a messy day at work or was worried that my deodorant wasn’t up to the task, etc. But driving home wouldn’t leave me enough time. But if I could just duck in and shower and get back on it, my whole day would be so much more pleasant.” Asked someone in the room and the answer was yes! Yayy!

Hourly Spaces lets you rent rooms by the hour for everything but No-Sex

Now you can rent a private room by the half hour thanks to a new service called HourlySpaces, which, they will have you know, is totally not at all for sex. Instead, it’s a “quiet space in the middle of the hustle and bustle” that you use for wholesome activities like relaxing and napping and getting work done and not-sex.

Basically, as New Yorker explains, it’s Zipcar, but for spaces instead of wheels. If you need to go to Costco but you don’t have a car, you borrow one. If you need to absolutely not have sex for an hour or two, you rent from HourlySpaces . The spaces are “stocked with everything you need — and nothing you don’t.” That means yoga mats and wifi and desks and choices and chairs and condoms. Hahahaha just kidding! No one will ever have sex in these rent-per-hour rooms what is wrong with you? Over the course of “months of usage, we know [sex] just doesn’t happen,” HourlySpaces’s NYC City Manager tells us. Okay, NYC City Manager, I trust you. No sex ever, only yoga and iPhone charging for us.

Right now, HourlySpaces is only available in major cities across the United States, but they’ve got plans to expand to other cities soon. A room runs you $10-$25 an hour, with the first hour on the house. So nap! Meditate! Apply to graduate school! Do whatever you do in a private room! Except have sex. Nobody does that.

How I Make $9,000/month by sitting at Starbucks from 9a.m. to 6 p.m.

High Paying Jobs

Life in New York City is one-of-a-kind. I find that in New York, the right apartment, job, and friends are constantly running through our minds. Thousands of jobs are available and the city is bursting with commerce and economic opportunity. Real estate in New York City has never slowed. There are numerous listings available on just about any newspaper you pick up.

I’ve been living in New York City for 3 years now. I have a stable job and an apartment on the lower west side. About a year ago, I realized that I needed a second job in order to live the life in New York City that I’ve always wanted. Unfortunately, I work 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. and I often go overtime because of my busy job. I knew that I needed another job, but I wasn’t particularly trying to have one that required extra hours—because I knew I would lose my sanity if I started working nights.

I went online and considered working for online companies. I considered selling my stocks in the market. I considered walking dogs on weekends. These were all great options for me, but they just weren’t offering the kind of income that I desired (and I knew my dog allergies would get the best of me).

I heard from one of my neighbors that they rented out their apartment for others to use during the summer. I was curious but not sure that I wanted strangers to live in my house while I wasn’t there—plus, where would I live? My neighbor then referred me to Hourlyspaces.com. I toured the website (not even thinking about real estate) and began to realize the benefits of renting my apartment for only a few hours. I would be able to go to work, come home at my normal time, check my bank account, and have made money just by allowing someone to rent out my one bedroom apartment.

My apartment was in prime location for Hourlyspaces.com. New York City rentals go fast and are often expensive. So, I took a leap of faith and registered my apartment on Hourly spaces, just to see how popular my apartment would become. The website was really easy to navigate and it gave me step-by-step instructions on how I could list my apartment. I took photos, wrote a description, listed my amenities, and posted my listing instantly.

I was immediately amazed by how fast I received requests from numerous individuals wanting to rent my apartment during the day. It became hard to pick renters and they often struggled over when to take turns to rent my apartment—I was thrilled! Once I found the perfect renters, I would leave my apartment, go to work, return, and have instantly made money. Hourly spaces allowed me to choose trusted individuals to rent my apartment during the day. I now get to go to work and earn my salary at a job that I love, and then come home with an extra $3,000 a month in my pocket just for renting my apartment.

This website allowed me to continue living in New York City while giving me an extra boost to my cash flow. I couldn’t be happier and I owe it all to Hourly spaces for their continued support and excellent customer service. I always recommend my friends to the website when they need an economic boost. I don’t see how I could make money in an easier way!

HourlySpaces.com Offers the Largest Collection of Hourly Space Rentals Around the World

Hourly Spaces is a fast-growing business that is quickly on the path to becoming a top competitor in the short-term rental industry. The company is the first to provide “all hourly space rentals under one roof.”

HourlySpaces.com, formerly operating as HourlyRoomRental.com, is rapidly emerging; it is currently underway to become the largest hourly spaces on demand provider in the travel and business lodging industry. The fast growing company is making waves in the hourly space rental marketplace, aiming to lead in the short-term rental industry by providing consumers with the most extensive selection of hourly rentals around the world.

HourlySpaces seeks to offer consumers more than a mere listing of offices and rooms rented by the hour. The company plans to list everything from apartments and vacant real estate to wedding venues and theaters. The company’s new website, www.HourlySpaces.com, was launched in 2016 and already has several listings available in many major cities such as Washington, DC, New York, NY, Portland, Chicago, San Francisco, Paris, Rome, Canada, etc with tens of thousands of visitors from more than 100 countries.

The concept behind HourlySpaces is to provide consumers with an easy, affordable way to rent space without having to pay for an entire day, month, or getting locked into yearly leases of office space. The company’s motto: “Why pay for a day when you can pay for an hour,” was derived from the founder, Joe Bhaktiar, a young Engineer who left his field to pursue his love for travel along with his wife, Kristi, a lifelong nurse. Booking a hotel for a day when it is only needed for a few hours is troublesome – and expensive. “Between looking for hotels, calling them and finalizing a room, an hour had passed, and we still ended up paying for the whole day because that’s just how hotels work. We felt robbed,” Joe states while reminiscing about a time when his family visited him in New York City. “Another day I found myself wanting to take a quick nap during my lunch break because I had a headache but nowhere to go. Multiple instances like this helped us to conceptualize and create HourlySpaces.com,” he added.

Unlike other websites that single out only business professionals seeking to rent hourly office space, HourlySpaces aims to target everyone, travelers, businesses and even students for their study rooms. Business professionals can easily search for an hourly conference room, meeting spaces, or virtual office to rent for a few hours and vacationers can locate thousands of affordable properties to rent by the hour, day, or week. HourlySpaces offers many hourly rental options for office spaces, conference rooms, virtual office, event spaces, and meeting spaces throughout Washington, DC and NYC while also having short-term room rentals within apartment and hotel options. Many of the listings currently on the site offer rates as low as $15 per hour. Think of it as retail vs. wholesale. 1 day has 24 hours and is considered “bulk booking” when on HourlySpaces, whereas in traditional booking systems 1 week barely qualifies for a bulk discount.

In a world where virtual office owners and the freelance economy is booming, and reports that of over 40-percent of the United States workforce is made up of virtual workers, the idea of “bulk booking” is an innovative concept. Virtual offices in Washington, DC and NYC offer entrepreneurs the possibility of having a prestigious address and a location that offers conference rooms, meeting and office space without having to sign yearly leases at an overpriced rate. Joe states that the company is currently in negotiations with several branded hotels to make their rooms available to customers for an hourly space rental.

However, that is not all that HourlySpaces has to offer. In addition to the ability to search and book short-term rooms, apartments, and offices, the consumers can also list their own spaces to earn a side income. On average, people who list their property on the website earn an extra $300 per week. Hosts have the ability to set their own rates based off of location, condition, peak travel seasons, and many other factors.

Company Explains Why Millennials Prefer Micro Rentals for a Few Hours

Image yourself on a road trip with your family. You just finished dinner and everyone is tired. You find a hotel only to sleep for 6 hours because you have to continue your journey the next morning and you end up paying full price. If you think you were robbed, Hourly Spaces is for you. Now imagine yourself travelling out of state for work. Your dream of getting off from work early has just come true and now you have 3 hours until your train arrives. Instead of sitting at Starbucks, you can rent an Hourly Space for a couple hours next to your train station and just chill until its time to go. On Hourly Spaces you only pay for the hours you stay, not the whole day.

Hourly Spaces offers a wide range of short-term rental opportunities including but not limited to: office spaces, conference rooms, meeting rooms, event spaces, short-term apartment stays and half day hotel room rentals. They have the best locations with high-class amenities at costs that are affordable based on one’s needs, regardless of how long you stay, an hour, a day, a week, a month or a year. Their locations are available in all major metro areas not just in the United States but across the globe. Whether you are a jetsetter or a businessman who needs a place to rest, they have complete facilities to keep you feeling at home and well rested before you’re off to your next trip or meeting. It’s a one stop shop for all hourly spaces on demand.

A huge inventory is available for hourly office space rentals, varying from private and shared offices to conference rooms and meeting rooms, as well as virtual office. These office locations are perfect for the traveling businessperson to have a quick meeting with a client who is out of town. Why sit at a noisy coffee house when you can quickly book a private office with the convenience of our mobile phone app!

Hourly Office Space – Private and Shared 

Every meeting and collaboration deserves a great venue dedicated to bring out the best in each of the members. A comfortable meeting space will help bring out the talent and creativity of each member making your meeting more collaborative and productive. This is key to help any company or your business grow.

Office spaces are available for every need and budget. Current clients include multinational companies that have constant need for their team members to travel for business. Most of these companies prefer having on demand offices near their local offices for ease of coordination.  “Whether you are a small group of five or a large company of one hundred or more, we will find the place for you” says CEO Joe Bhaktiar. Hourly Spaces has plenty of offices that have features such as free parking, overflowing coffee/tea, wifi, and most importantly a comfortable hourly office space to get everyone interacting, learning, and making connections. Users also have the option to get virtual office address in their choice of city.

Short-Term Room Rentals 

In today’s economy, it’s not only businessmen and women running between flights and meetings, but all the travelers seeking out adventures, families, couples, and individuals who look for meaningful experiences and escapades on budgeted trips. This is why micro accommodations has recently been successful beyond anyone’s belief. Most of the spaces are spacious, fully furnished, flexible with rental times and even full-size kitchens completely stocked with all the needed kitchenware. For entertainment, Internet access, local phones, and basic cable television are also available.

Previously, the stereotypes for hourly space rentals were negative, as some people believed that this type of business concept is only used for unsavory activities. However, hourly space rentals have recently been thriving off of traveling businessmen and women.

Washington DC and New York have the top two highest prices for lodging during a business trip in the US, averaging a bit under $300 per night.  Hourly space rentals can save users cash fast, at www.HourlySpaces.com spaces start at $30 per hour, with a 5-hour booking, one could save almost half the cost of booking a full night in a hotel. Why should someone pay for a one-day accommodation at a hotel when the same space can be rented at half the price? Hourly room rentals are successful in that they are very practical and budget friendly.

Hourly Conference Rooms and Meeting Rooms 

In today’s world, everyone should have freedom to work anywhere and at any time. Technology has enabled people to do business online with others who are miles away. Hourly Spaces provides the best conference room rentals with state of the art technology. There are more than 200 conference rooms that can be rented just within NYC and Washington DC. The selection of spaces come in all sizes, from small group meetings consisting of less than five individuals up to large meetings that can accommodate more than fifty people. Users can rent meeting space or conference rooms by the hour, half-day, full day or even longer. Majority of conference rooms are equipped with white boards, LCD projectors, TV screens, Wi-Fi and beverages are also available for purchase. On site staff is available to assist with anything you need to impress your clients during your meeting.

Hourly Apartment & Home rentals 

For many traveling families, renting an entire house as opposed to staying in a hotel for a short period of time is more practical in regards to budgeting and feeling in an “at home” environment. Having a full sized hotel suite with all the amenities that you are used to, gives you the freedom to go about your trip and make sure your entire family is having a home away from home experience. So why rent it with Hourly Spaces? Here’s why: you’re on your vacation and have rented a house. Today is your last day and you’re not ready to check out for another coupe hours. You go on www.HourlySpaces.com and extend your reservation by 2 hours, simple as that.

Likewise, there is something more magical when you can do a short-term apartment rental. Why? Because it places all the same, at home benefits, into a more tight-knit community. Staying in an apartment temporarily is a great way to get to know people from the neighborhood and meet new friends, giving you the opportunity to learn about the culture and lifestyle of all the new people around you. The short-term apartment rentals allow you to enjoy your stay/travel to the fullest and at the commitment of an hour.

No Need to Plan Ahead

Firstly, it is important to plan your trip but you have many more things to worry than just booking a space to stay or work. Large and world class inventory of spaces is always available to book last minute. In a traditional system it is always best to book early to avoid any possible last minute frustrations and fee hikes. But with www.HourlySpaces.com you pay the same amount irrespective of when you book. You can book last minute with a peace of mind that neither will the prices increase and nor will the spaces run out.

Look for Reviews

Asking friends and co-workers for their own recommendations is a good medium for finding great short-term space rentals however in this changing world, customer reviews sometimes serve as the best recommendations. Be sure to look for reviews before booking and most importantly don’t forget to leave a review for yourself!


Always book your rental space based on your needs and not based on what others think. While seeking a short-term rental, you will get many recommendations from friends; however, do not make the mistake of booking a space without doing your own research.

Read what people say

It is always suggested that you read up on previous reviews of a space for rent. The internet makes finding reviews of spaces fast and easy, not only can you find reviews of specific spaces but it is also important to read reviews of neighborhoods to know the area is right for you.

Get all the details prior to booking

It is always important to know all the details of a booking ahead of time. For example, if you have a pet with you, finding arrangements that allows animals is a must. Remember to find out all necessary details and if possible, discuss all your needs witth the landlord as they can have a huge impact on your short-term stay.

Call the landlords directly

It is also helpful to call the space owner directly and ask if they have the service you need. It’s also advantageous if you are a frequent guest as the owners can easily find a way to give you an hourly rental between crazy schedules.


It’s always helpful to call a couple owners in your area of choice to inquire about the rental communities and neighborhoods. Tell them about your needs and your budget as they can point you to the right direction.

Why Small Work Environments Make Sense

Large office spaces are quietly waving a farewell hand to the corporate world of America. In the last century, there has been a significant rise in millennial-based companies. These companies take the lavish and typically large work environments and compact them into smaller and more efficient work spaces.

Start-up companies don’t require formal office work spaces at all times. Instead, these companies are using less office space along with more energy-efficient and comfortable work environments. Renting hourly office spaces has become beneficial and necessary to small businesses. The traditional office building has consisted of dull-gray cubicles with fluorescent lighting (and bad office puns). But the new generation has begun to kick this standard to the ground. Some of the new features of millennial work environments include: smaller offices, green-themed decorations, and newly improved break rooms.

Smaller offices provide companies with the needed space to work at a lower rental price. Smaller businesses often don’t require entire office floors or buildings to conduct business. What makes smaller work environments unique is that they are easy to maintain on a budget while still providing employees (and potential investors) with a professional look and environment. Companies can start from anywhere, and the best way to expand a small business is with minimal costs. Smaller working spaces have become standard to a rapidly growing and diverse corporate America.

Green-themed decorations are on the rise in corporate America. Green-theme is the way an office is designed in order to reflect modern and energy-efficient products and business environments. New office spaces are designed to let in more natural light and strive to eliminate the standard fluorescent lighting. These green-themed offices have a more open and loft-like design, disregarding the boxy cubicle mess that was the 1970’s, in order to facilitate improved communication in a less-stressful environment for employees. These offices also feature more “green” office furniture. Some of this equipment includes energy-efficient lightbulbs, green and earth colored office chairs, environmentally-centered paintings and artwork, and natural hardwood floors. Green is reported to be the least stressful color on the eyes, and new companies have taken this idea into great consideration for an overall improved office environment.

Break rooms have been re-vamped with the increase in technological start-up companies. The idea is to provide employees with a safe place where they can relax when work has become stressful. Common break rooms feature TV’s, vending machines, and games. The revamped version of the break room now includes medicine balls, couches, and La-Z-Y-Boy style chairs for employee relaxation. In order to make smaller work environments more comfortable, break rooms have been redesigned to improve employee satisfaction with their work.

So, what makes small work environments successful?

Smaller offices are needed when a company is on the rise. Large corporations still dominate America, however, some of the nation’s greatest multi-million dollar companies have started out in a garage (Apple or Microsoft) or in a dorm room (Facebook). Today, smaller work environments allow start-ups and small businesses the chance to grow their clientele network (while looking more professional than a dorm room). Small work environments are cost-effective and easy to maintain and provide overall customer satisfaction.

How does Hourly spaces play a role in the small work space environment?

Hourly spaces is unique because it allows any kind of office space to be rented. What’s beneficial for smaller companies is that they can rent out spaces (with professional addresses) for any period of time that they desire. Whether or not your business is run out of your garage, you can still have the professionalism that an hourly rented office space provides. Investor presentations, small group meetings, training sessions, and many more can be held in our small work rental spaces. In addition to all of these features, Hourly spaces features many of the newly designed small work spaces for start-up companies with features like the ones mentioned above. Overall, Hourly spaces is dedicated to host all types of companies in a well-budgeted manner focused on your businesses successful future.

Luxurious Office Space Rental

Short Term Rental

If you require ashort term rental for 30 days or more,Hourly Spaces can accommodate you in any of our various locations across the country with all of the comfort, investments, flexibility, and facilitiesHourly Spaces is known for. Based on accessibility,HourlySpaces offers hourly office rentals on furnished or completely serviced apartments in select locations. At HourlySpaces, making our visitors feel welcome is our priority. That’s why we go above and beyond to present all the comforts of home at the short term rental of your choice.

Our website is easy to navigate and has hundreds of keywords registered to search for the right short term rental that you need. Whether you’re looking for an hourly house rental or an hourly apartment—we list them all! We list our properties with photos, descriptions, and a full list of amenities that are provided. We believe that this makes your selection easier because you can choose exactly what kind of services you want for your property. The next time you’re looking for anhourly office rental, look no further that Hourly Spaces for the best rentals in top locations throughout America.

Event Space Rental

At Hourly Spaces, we offer a wide selection of hourly apartments, hourly hotels, and hourly house rentals. You can even rent penthouses, rent theatres, and rent practice rooms with Hourly spaces. Your event space rental possibilities are endless!

Besides short termrentals for penthouses, hourly apartments, rental theatres, or hourly house rentals—HourlySpaces also offers event space rentals. Whether you’re looking for the perfect wedding venue rental, party venue rental, or practice room rental, we have them all! Our website lists exactly what you search for no matter if it’s an hourly hotel or an hourly event space rental. Finding the perfect party venue rental for any kind of party shouldn’t be difficult. That’s why we make your next event space rental easy with Hourly Spaces.

Olga Lavinchy is listed on our website and offers premiere event space rentals in DC! Follow the link and search today! https://www.hourlyspaces.com/users/profile/O_Lavinchy

Practice Room Rentals

Practice room rentals are available directly to you on Hourly Spaces. We understand that practice rooms for rent can be difficult to find while traveling. That’s why our website lists all available practice rooms so that you can continue to practice by the hour, day, week or month without the stress of wondering where your next practice session will be. No matter what you practice, rent with HourlySpaces and get the perfect space right on budget!

Book your next practice room with Fairway Studios in the heart of Chelsea, NYC! Follow the link today! https://www.hourlyspaces.com/users/profile/studiofairway

Hourly House Rentals

Hourly Spaces lists hourly house rentals across the country dedicated to helping you feel like you’re in a home away from home while staying in a different city. Hourly houses for rent come full furnished and ready for your stay. Homeowners list their properties on our website in order to allow you to rent by the hour, day, week or month! Signing a lease (or a mortgage) can cost you heavily. That’s why with HourlySpacesyou can get the best of both worlds and experience your very own house rentalby the hour no matter where you are!

If you’re ready to search for the best rental location in Atlanta, click on the link to view all available rentals today! https://www.hourlyspaces.com/search?location=atlanta

Rent Theatres

What if your next presentation was made possible on the big screen? HourlySpacesinvites you to search for your next theatre rental. When you rent theatres on our website you’re able to easily find the best theatre rental no matter where you are. We understand that there are plenty of theatres for rent. That’s why we list the best ones with all of the amenities and services that the venue offers. Project your next presentation on the big screen and capture the attention of your audience instantly. No matter what the occasion, do it BIG! Rent theatres with Hourly Spaces and project your ideas like never before!

Search all available rentals in NYC today using this link to search! https://www.hourlyspaces.com/search?location=New%20York

Hourly Hotels

We offer a large number of hourly hotels available directly for your needs. Why pay for the whole day if you only need a few hours to unwind? That’s why choosing to rent an hourly hotelis best for you and your wallet! Hourly hotel rooms list directly on our website to give you a wide variety of every kind of hotel that you need. All hotels by the hour are designated to give you prime tourist locations. We work with the best hotels in the city of your choice to provide you with prime tourist and business locations.

To search for all hourly hotels available in the premiere vacation destination of Miami, FL, follow the link today! https://www.hourlyspaces.com/search?location=miami

Hourly Apartments

Renting hourly apartments is easy with Hourly Spaces. Our website features top spaces catered to your budget in the area you choose. But renting with a lease can cost you thousands. Don’t rent an apartment by the month, simplify your spending and choose to rent one of our apartments. All apartments by the hourcome fully furnished with a list of amenities provided by the landlord. There are numerous apartments available for rent in cities across America and we make sure to list the best possible properties in the area. With an easy to navigate website and instant search criteria, why not rent by the hour?Hourly Spaces encourages you to relax and step into your next hourly apartment rental the fast and simple way.

Billy’s Crib is your premiere hourly apartment rental in San Francisco. Search this listing today! https://www.hourlyspaces.com/users/profile/BillysCrib

Party Venue Rental

Partyrentals are offered by the hour, day or however longer you’d like to stay! Use our website in order to search for the best deals on some of the hottest party venue rentals in the city. Nightlife is always booming with opportunity, and the best way to be a part of the scene is to host your next party in one of the best locations. We offer party venues within a wide range of characteristics so that you always get the best space for the best price! No matter where in the US you’re looking to rent for your next party—make sure you get the best venue with Hourly Spaces.

Visit BootUp’s profile on our website to search for all available party rentals in the San Francisco area! https://www.hourlyspaces.com/users/profile/BootUp

Rent Penthouses

Hourly Spaces wants you to experience your city in the best way when you decide to rent penthouses. Our penthouse rentals are available scattered across various cities offering prime locations for the best views. There are numerous tourist destinations throughout cities across America, so why not travel in luxury with the penthouse suite? There’s nothing quite like the penthouse, that’s why we search the best ones readily available for you to rent! Rent penthouses by the hour, day, week or month and experience the wonders of the city like never before. The skylines of the American Frontier await!

Rent your next penthouse with The Lofts located in NYC! The Manhattan skyline awaits! Follow the link! https://www.hourlyspaces.com/users/profile/theloftsatprince

Wedding Venue Rentals

Hourly Spaces offers the perfect wedding venue rentals across the US. Our locations spread across various cities to give you the perfect wedding venue. We have numerous wedding venues for rentavailable to you on our website that feature the best locations. Our website partners with venue owners to ensure that you get the best deal for your next wedding rental. There are thousands of wedding possibilities and we know that every detail must be planned carefully. That’s why we offer the best venues directly to you on our website so that you can finish your wedding to-do list with ease! Weddings are said to be the best day of your life. Make it memorable with the best wedding venues with Hourly Spaces.

The Event Space DC offers venue rentals at great prices in the DC area. Follow the link to search all of their available listings today! https://www.hourlyspaces.com/users/profile/TheEventSpaceDC
Conference Room Rental

Hourly spaces offers proficient conference room rental for groups of three or more. Work together in a friendly environment dedicated to facilitating communication. Book conference room rentals by the month, day or hour using our search engine that lists conference rooms with a description, photos, and a list of amenities all for your convenience. Don’t overpay for unused space—book with HourlySpaces and rent the exact amount of space you need while staying on budget.

A conference is like a delicate eco-system—all the participants and facilities need to be balanced for the call or presentation to run as smoothly as possible. To create the best impression, reserve a personal and proficient conference room rental with comfy furniture, high-speed Internet, kitchen facilities, high-tech arrangement equipment or anything else you require to create your best work.

HourlySpaces offers suitable and reasonable conference spaces as well as a full record of conference room rentals, which you can reserve for the hour, day or month, without the hassle of a long-term rent. We understand the importance of conferences, that’s why we want to help ensure business success by listing spaces for all kinds of meetings. Our website is easy to navigate and features hundreds of search criteria to help you find the right conference room rental in your area.


Check out AdvantEdge in DC today for all available conference room rentals in the area! https://www.hourlyspaces.com/users/profile/Advantedge_BC

Meeting Space Rental

Hourly meeting room rentals, or function space rental, is a charge applied for use of a room over a specific period of time. Various venues may reduce or waive this rental depending upon quantity of food and drink expenses, audiovisual services, or guestroom guarantees. Your “set-up” and “take-down” period can also influence charges on function space. If your occasion is for more than one day, needs your space to stay set, or having a “24-hour hold” are all factors that can affect hourly meeting room rental charges.

Whether a one-on-one meeting, group workshop, or game-changing presentation—your meeting room sets the professional tone. From comfortable hourly meeting room rentals to grand boardrooms, we have the ideal venue listed to get your meeting started with the best space. We want you to feel comfortable with your meeting room which is why we are dedicated to servicing all of your needs and concerns. At Hourly spaces, we believe in good customer service which is why we’re always available to answer any questions or concerns that may arise.

Check out Intellectual Point in DC for all available meeting space rentals in the DC area. Follow the link today! https://www.hourlyspaces.com/users/profile/Intellectual%20Point


Hourly Office Space Rental

HourlySpacesisahead of its field and by far the worldwide best solution when it comes to providing hourly office rentalsfor trade. Although an hourly space is new to the scene, Hourly Spaces popularity is rising quickly with a diverse amount of space accessible throughout the US. Hourly Spaces is an all-inclusive supplier of offices for rent, which means they run/maintain all their locations themselves, total with a receptionist and a reliablepresent of services at every location.

When you have a receptionist, it not only means that acompany will be greeted proficiently, but it will alsoallow you to receive mail and package drop-offs when renting office space for more than a few days. This is just one of the many features of offices by the hour that make sense for the growing business. If you care about the future of your company, look no further than Hourly Spaces for business development and success.

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Virtual Office Rental

A virtual office rental is a mixture of off-site live communication. It provides an address service that permit users to decreasecustomary office costs while maintaining trade professionalism. The idea has roots in the business revolution, where parallels to present work styles (especially working from your ownresidence) have been drawn from.

The virtual officecharge is low and the user’s professionalism retains the image of a conventional, high-cost workspace .A virtual officeclient can decrease their environmental impact as well as the individual burdens of everydaycommuting. Virtual officeclients have the flexibility to match charge with revenue fluctuations immediately—as the expenses are usually changeable.

A virtual office rentalcan allow for inexpensivegrowth with no long-term commitments. Users taking benefit of virtual office receptionists remove the traditional burden of fitness care, records, payroll, insurance, andlease. Whether you’re increasing into new markets and require a new place to work or just requiresomeone to reply your telephone and handle your mail—receptionists offer a multitude of opportunities to increase your business success and relieve daily office stresses.

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Office Space Rental
Hourly Spaces offers the ideal solution to finding an elegant, inexpensive, and flexible fully serviced office. We provide a variety of hourly office rentals designed for all kinds of companies (whether start-up or online, small or large!). Our hourly spaces comecompletely equipped and can offerincreased profitover conventional offices by saving you leasing expenses. Our website allows you to residein your space as long as you like while receiving benefits of a whole host of extratrade including but not limited to: serviced conference rooms, hot seats, clerical support, high-speed Internet access, and lunch rooms stocked with tea, coffee, and water.

There’s no longer the need to worry about office facility providers for every single office setup job. Why? HourlySpaces doesn’t require you to purchase equipment, office furniture or enrolmanagement support assistants. These are ready-to-move-in and use offices. We know the significance of your time and the commitments of your trade. This is why we offer 7 days of working operations. We have a proficientadministration team on-site prepared to assist you and your trade whether it be to take your calls or provide clerical services. At Hourly Spaces you only pay for what you use in an effort to save your time and hard-earned money! We pride ourselves on our client service skills and we assure to give you excellent support and exceptional customer service.

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How Virtual Office Rentals Work

The demand for virtual office rentals has increasing exponentially in recent years, but few companies appear to know what it really means to have a virtual office. Some have heard of virtual offices, but think that using one just means paying for an address. Start-ups and telecommuters benefit the most from virtual offices today—and by much more than just a mailbox. So, how do virtual office rentals work? HourlySpaces is here to ease your mind and offer you the best deals possible.

Full Service

Short term rentals for virtual offices provide a multitude of benefits for online-based companies. They provide basic business essentials such as a mailing address, phone number, and receptionist call answering services (some of which might be virtual). But they can also provide businesses with common office technology like WI-FI, scanners, fax machines, printers, and Information Technology (IT) services. Virtual office rentals take care of the building and office space so that you don’t have to! Daily business tasks and technicalities are in their hands so that you can remain focused on growing your business.

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Office Space Rental

Although your office is virtual, you may occasionally need to use actual space to conduct business. Virtual offices provide that space in the form of conference room rental, meeting space rental, and hourly office space rental. Why rental? Because until the minute you need it, you won’t have to pay for it. Normally, businesses pay large sums of money to lease an office for substantial amounts of time. Whether or not they’re actually using the conference room or office space doesn’t matter—they’re still required to pay. Virtual offices are completely different because you only pay for the office space when you need it.

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Sharing Space

Unlike an office dedicated you and your team—virtual offices are shared. Sometimes it’s as simple as scheduling a time for ameeting space rental in advance, because other businesses may be using the services. When business use spaces for long periods of time during ashort term rental, they may actually share the office room with other companies. This can lead to a positive, collaborative environment—especially for small businesses. If you only have a few employees in your business team it may be refreshing to see others in the office—or use them for networking opportunities.

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The key to virtual offices is flexibility. They’re flexible because users don’t have to buy an office or sign any long term leases. So, if a company is just starting up they may want to expand or add employees at a later time. Virtual office rentals easily advocate for this type of expansion. Conversely, downsizing is also made easy. It’s simply a matter of coordinating with rental services to pay for another desk or take one away in a short term rental.

Although a lot of business owners are familiar with the idea of working virtually and telecommuting, there’s much more to a virtual office than simply collaborating online. Virtual offices like Hourly Spacesgive companies that don’t have their own offices all the tools, resources, and rooms they need to make their business professional and successful.

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Virtual office rentals offer a way for companies to stay connected while not in an actual office building. HourlySpaceshosts numerous rentals from all across the nation to bring you the best deals on premiere spaces. So, the next time you’re thinking about continuing your business outside of a traditional office setting consider HourlySpaces office rentals.

Your perfect space is just a click away. To search for available rentals near you, follow the link to the destination of your choice! Martha’s Vineyard, Boston, Washington DC,New York City (NYC),Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, San Francisco (SF).

Places to Rent for Successful Business Meetings

At Hourly Spaces, we know that business meetings set in the perfect location will go a long way with prospective clients. That’s why we offer numerous options to suit all of your business meeting desires! Below we’ve listed all the ways in which you can rent a space on our website catered to all business purposes.

You search by city and date, and Hourly Spaceswill present options that best suit your desires. We are on-demand handiness meets gatekeeper facility, and we pride ourselves on our curate marketplace of superiority listings. No scams, duplicatelistings, or shady landlords, assured. We’ve even listed our top clients in each business category and a link to their available listings to assist you in finding the perfect rental.

Short Term Rental

When you have a businessconference in HourlySpaces is on the horizon and you need a secure place to call home during your stay. Hourly Spacescan offer fully furnished rentals that can help you feel at home in a short term rental that fits your requirements. A large amount of the properties that you will find on HourlySpaces are able to fit any kind of stay with all the facilities canimagine to find in a well-resourcedresidence. We also offer hourly house rentals for the feel of a home away from home—or if you prefer hourly apartments, we’ve got them!


Hourly Spaces allows you to begin your monthly stay with all of the amenities that you could possibly need. You will be working out the terms of your stay with the landlord or their agent and very frequently flexible conditionsthat can be fit to accommodate your plans.We specialize in connecting person property owners, offering furnished accommodations with tenants liketrade executives assigned to a long-term project, relocated families, individuals obtaining management at a remotehealth checkservice and many more.


The Bureau Chicago offers prime short term rentals in the Chicago area. Follow the link to search their available rentals today! https://www.hourlyspaces.com/users/profile/The_Bureau_Chicago


Intelligent Office is listed on our website and offers short term rentals in the city of Philadelphia. Search all available rentals today! https://www.hourlyspaces.com/users/profile/intelligentofficephiladelphia

Conference Room Rental

Do you need a largeroom for holding a conference or trade meeting? Hourly Spaces offers conference room rentals that are fit to your specific needs and will help you turn your schedule into reality. Ourgood-looking, completely equipped conference room rentals and commerce meeting rooms offer you the perfect working environment. They include high-tech equipment and capabilities with added free WIFI and free local and long distance calls. All of ourconference facilities come with a thoroughly trained, proficient support staff. Our website lists specific criteria so that you’ll be able to find your perfect space while staying on budget.

​Whether you’re presenting to one of your customers or holding an off-site get-together for your employees, our premier meeting or conference rooms for rentwill support what you desire to complete in a variety of ways. We offer full descriptions, photos, and a list of amenities in order to find your perfect rental.

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Meeting Space Rental

Would you like to impress your customers with a five star hourly meeting room rental looking to hire a proficientmeeting room that is reasonable yet gives you access to the best resources and services? Hourly Spacesoffers the world’s best meeting rooms by the hour, boardroom, day suites and services in the best locations. All of our locations are furnished and fully equipped with IT andstate of the art video conferencing and teleconferencing equipment providing the idealbusinesslocation for conducting business meetings or business gatherings. Available on a pay as you go basis.

Booking a meeting room shouldn’t be difficult—especially for the busy, traveling business person. At Hourly Spaces we make finding your perfect rental easy, and within your budget. Meeting rooms for rent shouldn’t be set on a price for the entire day when you only require a few hours. With our fast and easy online service you’re able to search for the perfect rental while remaining within your budget. Our meeting room rentals are perfect for any occasion and are available to rent across the country for an hour, a day, a week or a month.

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Hourly Office Space Rental

HourlySpaces meeting rooms offer you with hourly office space rental for rent when you requirea temporary room to meet with a customer or when you just need a quiet room to confirm your report. Instead of paying overhead costs and real estate prices, use HourlySpaces solutions for those exact times when you only require temporarily space by the hour or by the day.

Our website is easy to navigate and welcomes all kinds of large and small businesses. Our hourly offices for rentcome fully furnished with desks, break rooms, printing and faxing as well as high speed WIFI access. We want to ensure your businesses’ success and the best way to conduct your business is with the right office by the hour. Our locations are featured across America and are easily accessible within your search criteria. We work with companies to make sure your best space is ready to rent at a price within your budget.

No matter where in the US, you’ll be sure to find your perfect office for rent on our secured website. We work directly with landowners to provide you with high quality and modern office spaces to rent in your budget. Whether you need an office space for an hour, a day, a week or a month we are confident that we’ll be able to find your perfect hourly office rental on HourlySpaces. The best run business begins with the right space to conduct work—and at HourlySpaces, we know you’ll be able to find your space stress-free!

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Virtual Office Rental

Every one of our small & medium tradeclients are thankful for a virtual office rental service that provided the total package for what isnecessary. Our trade clients aremotivated to selectHourly Spaces for their desires because we offer the cheapest prices and keep up on our office pricing so that we’re the main andinexpensive virtual office provider.

To improve the deal, we offer a free trial for clients who want to know more about what we’re great in. This is just one more advantage to shift out of a home & dining room office to your own virtual home office and build it to your own office base via one of HourlySpaces own tradecentres. Comparably the charge of our virtual offices rental is usually the finest priced when it comes to cost, but our office space is far superior when it comes to value. We strive to help you improve your business and help you get started on the right path to success—no matter where you’re working from. We know that renting by the hour is the best way you’ll be able to grow your small business by saving money, which is why we work directly with you to make sure your virtual office rental meets all of your needs.

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No matter what your business meeting needs are, start with Hourly Spaces to rent the best for the best businesses! Now that we’ve shown you all that HourlySpaces has to offer, get started on your search today! Visit our website with this direct link for all available rentals across America.

Your perfect space is just a click away. To search for available rentals near you, follow the link to the destination of your choice! Martha’s Vineyard,Boston, Washington DC,New York City (NYC),Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, San Francisco (SF).