Hourly Spaces

Hourly space rentals give you the quality and amenities needed for even shorter stays. Our objective is to cater to travelers, business people or anyone who is looking to take a hot shower, change clothes, and freshen up before running to their next meeting, flight,  etc.

Previously, the stereotypes for hourly space rentals are negative, as some people believe that this business concept is only used for unsavory activities. However, hourly space rentals have been thriving off of traveling businessmen and women for years. With the number of jetsetters rapidly growing over the past few years, hourly rental services have boomed.

Washington DC and New York have the top two highest prices for lodging during a business trip in the US, averaging a bit under $200 per night (main street).  Hourly space rentals can save you cash fast, at HourlySpaces.com our spaces start at $15 per hour, with a 7-hour booking, you could save almost half the cost of booking a full night in a hotel. We know that we have to act fast to catch up with the growing economy and address the needs of the people. Many of us are always looking for a way to ease our expenses while travelling. Why should we pay for a one-day accommodation at a hotel when we can have access to hourly room rentals? Hourly room rentals are successful in that they are very practical and budget friendly.

Short Term Room Rentals

In today’s economy people are able to travel now more easily than ever before. The growing economy and cheaper airline tickets offer endless possibilities to most people. This is where we see our company providing the best in quality and prices for short-term rentals to everyone.

We no longer only cater to businessmen and women running between flights and meetings, but we are catering to the all the travelers seeking out adventures as well. Families, couples, and individuals look for meaningful experiences and escapades on budgeted trips. This is why we strive to have our accommodations, whether short or long-term rentals, affordable. We equally value your trip so we ensure that you get what you deserve at the most reasonable price for your accommodation.

We offer spacious, fully furnished spaces for your short stay. Here you have all the space you need, flexibility within the rental times, quality furniture, full-size kitchens completely stocked with all the needed kitchenware. We also include Internet access, local phones, and basic cable television. Certainly, every guest in our facilities is able to feel at home!

Hourly Office Space Rental– Private and Shared

Every meeting and collaboration deserves a great venue dedicated to bring out the best in each of the members. A comfortable meeting space or meeting room will help bring out the talent and creativity of each member making your meeting more collaborative and productive. This is key to help your company or your business grow. In our hourly office space, we don’t just encourage proficiency, but the camaraderie with your staff members or co-workers as well.

As a short-term or hourly office rental provider, it is important for us to understand the current economic trends. We are fully aware of how companies maximize the use of mobile workers to collaborate with each other in the cloud. Therefor, modern technology enabled us to work at anytime from anywhere.  Today’s workforce no longer needs a permanent physical office. Conversely, with a company set up virtually, it is imperative that some requires once a month meeting. This scheduled meeting is crucial to the growth and success of the company. Consequently, our Hourly Office Space is well prepared to address your need for a meeting space.

We offer services based on your needs and budget. We cater to private offices or shared offices for collaborative work between team members. Most of our private or shared offices also have conference rooms near by for meetings or team-work.  Whether you are a small group of five or a large company of more than one hundred or more, we will find the place for you. HourlySpaces has plenty of offices that have features such as free parking, overflowing coffee/tea, wifi, and most importantly a comfortable hourly office space to get everyone interacting, learning, and making connections.