Company Explains Why Millennials Prefer Micro Rentals for a Few Hours

Image yourself on a road trip with your family. You just finished dinner and everyone is tired. You find a hotel only to sleep for 6 hours because you have to continue your journey the next morning and you end up paying full price. If you think you were robbed, Hourly Spaces is for you. Now imagine yourself travelling out of state for work. Your dream of getting off from work early has just come true and now you have 3 hours until your train arrives. Instead of sitting at Starbucks, you can rent an Hourly Space for a couple hours next to your train station and just chill until its time to go. On Hourly Spaces you only pay for the hours you stay, not the whole day.

Hourly Spaces offers a wide range of short-term rental opportunities including but not limited to: office spaces, conference rooms, meeting rooms, event spaces, short-term apartment stays and half day hotel room rentals. They have the best locations with high-class amenities at costs that are affordable based on one’s needs, regardless of how long you stay, an hour, a day, a week, a month or a year. Their locations are available in all major metro areas not just in the United States but across the globe. Whether you are a jetsetter or a businessman who needs a place to rest, they have complete facilities to keep you feeling at home and well rested before you’re off to your next trip or meeting. It’s a one stop shop for all hourly spaces on demand.

A huge inventory is available for hourly office space rentals, varying from private and shared offices to conference rooms and meeting rooms, as well as virtual office. These office locations are perfect for the traveling businessperson to have a quick meeting with a client who is out of town. Why sit at a noisy coffee house when you can quickly book a private office with the convenience of our mobile phone app!

Hourly Office Space – Private and Shared 

Every meeting and collaboration deserves a great venue dedicated to bring out the best in each of the members. A comfortable meeting space will help bring out the talent and creativity of each member making your meeting more collaborative and productive. This is key to help any company or your business grow.

Office spaces are available for every need and budget. Current clients include multinational companies that have constant need for their team members to travel for business. Most of these companies prefer having on demand offices near their local offices for ease of coordination.  “Whether you are a small group of five or a large company of one hundred or more, we will find the place for you” says CEO Joe Bhaktiar. Hourly Spaces has plenty of offices that have features such as free parking, overflowing coffee/tea, wifi, and most importantly a comfortable hourly office space to get everyone interacting, learning, and making connections. Users also have the option to get virtual office address in their choice of city.

Short-Term Room Rentals 

In today’s economy, it’s not only businessmen and women running between flights and meetings, but all the travelers seeking out adventures, families, couples, and individuals who look for meaningful experiences and escapades on budgeted trips. This is why micro accommodations has recently been successful beyond anyone’s belief. Most of the spaces are spacious, fully furnished, flexible with rental times and even full-size kitchens completely stocked with all the needed kitchenware. For entertainment, Internet access, local phones, and basic cable television are also available.

Previously, the stereotypes for hourly space rentals were negative, as some people believed that this type of business concept is only used for unsavory activities. However, hourly space rentals have recently been thriving off of traveling businessmen and women.

Washington DC and New York have the top two highest prices for lodging during a business trip in the US, averaging a bit under $300 per night.  Hourly space rentals can save users cash fast, at spaces start at $30 per hour, with a 5-hour booking, one could save almost half the cost of booking a full night in a hotel. Why should someone pay for a one-day accommodation at a hotel when the same space can be rented at half the price? Hourly room rentals are successful in that they are very practical and budget friendly.

Hourly Conference Rooms and Meeting Rooms 

In today’s world, everyone should have freedom to work anywhere and at any time. Technology has enabled people to do business online with others who are miles away. Hourly Spaces provides the best conference room rentals with state of the art technology. There are more than 200 conference rooms that can be rented just within NYC and Washington DC. The selection of spaces come in all sizes, from small group meetings consisting of less than five individuals up to large meetings that can accommodate more than fifty people. Users can rent meeting space or conference rooms by the hour, half-day, full day or even longer. Majority of conference rooms are equipped with white boards, LCD projectors, TV screens, Wi-Fi and beverages are also available for purchase. On site staff is available to assist with anything you need to impress your clients during your meeting.

Hourly Apartment & Home rentals 

For many traveling families, renting an entire house as opposed to staying in a hotel for a short period of time is more practical in regards to budgeting and feeling in an “at home” environment. Having a full sized hotel suite with all the amenities that you are used to, gives you the freedom to go about your trip and make sure your entire family is having a home away from home experience. So why rent it with Hourly Spaces? Here’s why: you’re on your vacation and have rented a house. Today is your last day and you’re not ready to check out for another coupe hours. You go on and extend your reservation by 2 hours, simple as that.

Likewise, there is something more magical when you can do a short-term apartment rental. Why? Because it places all the same, at home benefits, into a more tight-knit community. Staying in an apartment temporarily is a great way to get to know people from the neighborhood and meet new friends, giving you the opportunity to learn about the culture and lifestyle of all the new people around you. The short-term apartment rentals allow you to enjoy your stay/travel to the fullest and at the commitment of an hour.

No Need to Plan Ahead

Firstly, it is important to plan your trip but you have many more things to worry than just booking a space to stay or work. Large and world class inventory of spaces is always available to book last minute. In a traditional system it is always best to book early to avoid any possible last minute frustrations and fee hikes. But with you pay the same amount irrespective of when you book. You can book last minute with a peace of mind that neither will the prices increase and nor will the spaces run out.

Look for Reviews

Asking friends and co-workers for their own recommendations is a good medium for finding great short-term space rentals however in this changing world, customer reviews sometimes serve as the best recommendations. Be sure to look for reviews before booking and most importantly don’t forget to leave a review for yourself!


Always book your rental space based on your needs and not based on what others think. While seeking a short-term rental, you will get many recommendations from friends; however, do not make the mistake of booking a space without doing your own research.

Read what people say

It is always suggested that you read up on previous reviews of a space for rent. The internet makes finding reviews of spaces fast and easy, not only can you find reviews of specific spaces but it is also important to read reviews of neighborhoods to know the area is right for you.

Get all the details prior to booking

It is always important to know all the details of a booking ahead of time. For example, if you have a pet with you, finding arrangements that allows animals is a must. Remember to find out all necessary details and if possible, discuss all your needs witth the landlord as they can have a huge impact on your short-term stay.

Call the landlords directly

It is also helpful to call the space owner directly and ask if they have the service you need. It’s also advantageous if you are a frequent guest as the owners can easily find a way to give you an hourly rental between crazy schedules.


It’s always helpful to call a couple owners in your area of choice to inquire about the rental communities and neighborhoods. Tell them about your needs and your budget as they can point you to the right direction.